Hospitality & Training Services: Why Work With Us & Return on Investment:


Why Work With Us?

It is understood that you would engage in working with us for the following reasons:

  • Retain and continue to improve your competitive advantage, through creating hospitality service professionals who are dedicated to delivering friendly, efficient and memorable guest/visitor/customer service.
  • Add unique, independent and hospitality expertise as an additional resource to the existing intelligence resources (e.g., Your Management Team, Corporate Team, etc.).
  • Offer leadership and development to your property/company’s training and other management personnel, thereby improving the team’s ability and skill set and providing tools to be used by your team after completion of our project(s).


Financial Return on Investment:

Using a hotel as an example, if our observations, analyses and recommended action plans are implemented, and they result in a minimum of one dissatisfied guest per week being converted to a satisfied and returning guest per week, we offer the following reversal of loses (less our fees):


(1) Guest @ 3,000 Euros/Pounds/Dollars per week/year = 1 x 3,000 x 52 = 156,000 Euros/Pounds/Dollars.

If additionally, this one guest/week recommends one other guest/week, then this reversal of loses will also include additional revenue: Gaining (1) Guest @ 3,000 Euros/Pounds/Dollars per week/year = 156,000 Euros/Pounds/Dollars.

Therefore, both scenarios together propose a potential ROI of:


  • 156,000 + 156,000 = 312,000 Euros/Pounds/Dollars in potential revenues.