Tourism & Training: Editing & Proof Reading Services   

Your extra set of objective eyes!


What is this service?

  • Especially tailored to the tourism, hospitality and training industries, we offer editing and proof reading services, ensuring that your documents and media pieces are as you intended.
  • We provide you with feedback (written or verbal, your choice) of the suggested opportunities for improvement allowing you to make the appropriate changes as you wish.

  • Materials can include:

    * Written internal or external documents:
          (Various Business Plans: new business; strategic; marketing; training; etc.);
    * Training programmes;
    * Client Proposals, Request For Proposals;
    * Emails;
    * Websites;
    * Sales & Marketing materials (online or print);
    * Training and Advertising videos, etc.

    Whether you are an entrepreneur, small, medium or larger business, tourism and hospitality company or board, training or management consultant, we're your editing service!


What is the benefit to a business in using this service?

  • Even though we live in a world of 120 character SMS (text messages), Tweets, etc., which is changing our formatting and spelling, we still expect the materials that we read to be professionally produced! 

    This includes the spelling, grammar, pronunciation and presentation of the materials, whether they are written, heard or viewed.

    The bottom line for communication (and therefore your bottom line financial results) is that your message needs to be accepted by the audience.  If your communication appears to be unprofessional, your audience will not 'buy-into' your message, and therefore, not buy what you are selling, whether it's a point of view; a new skill or knowledge; or a product or service.
  • Our service is designed to give you that extra pair of eyes and ears to view your communication, your confirmation that your message is being received as intended.
  • Being seasoned hospitality trainers and mystery shoppers, we have an eye for detail.  It's having someone who 'did not know what was supposed to communicated' review your work.  We therefore see things that may be missed otherwise!  (Otherwise, it can mean that your creative communication efforts miss a huge piece of the market you meant to, and thought that you were including.)


When is ideal to use this service?

  • We are happy to look at your materials at any stage of your communication process.  We review your draft materials to ensure that you are aware of any opportunities for improvement, and your team can fix it before any potential audience sees your final piece.


How much time and cost is involved?

  • The answer depends upon the extensiveness of your piece. Most smaller pieces and sites can be done within an hour or two, with quick turn-around times. (Even one-two page documents can be done!)


How is payment processed for this service?

  • We process online payments via our website via PayPal(TM) for both a deposit and any additional payments.

  • Canadian companies also have the option of paying via Email Money Transfer.
  • Both options produce an invoice and billing in the name of Hospitality Training Unlimited.


How do we begin?

  • Contact us by telephone or email, ask any questions, confirm details, your objectives, and how you want your feedback (written/verbal), projected fees, etc.

  • We commit to reviewing your materials and we agree on payment arrangements.

  • We sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that you know that your materials are safe with us, for your use only and that all is well; and then we'll get started commence!


By taking that one-extra editing step, you've confirmed that your materials work as intended.  You're ensuring that your potential audience will receive your professionally produced communication, preparing you for the results that you want!


Your communication gets its message across as intended!


Be certain to give us a call or send an email; we'll get started for you!

We're happy to help in any way that we can :)

Thank you.

Tel: +1.905.726.8818 (E.S.T./D.S.T.)


* Editing "is the process of selecting and preparing language, images, sound, video, or film through processes of correction, condensation, organisation, and other modifications in various media.  In a sense, the editing process originates with the idea for the work itself and continues in the relationship between the author and the editor. Editing is, therefore, also a practice that includes creative skills, human relations, and a precise set of methods." Wikipedia