"In Conversation With..." Tammy Sturge Con't:

 Tammy Sturge - Parts 07 - 13.

Parts 01 - 06: See previous page.

(Please note: We had technical challenges during the recording and as such, apologise for the interference in the final versions.  Thank you for your understanding.)


Part 07 (4 minutes):

  • How do you see Social Networking influencing human resources?
  • How do you see the different generations working together?



Part 08 (3.5 minutes):

  • What was one of your most challenging scenarios; how did you handle it; and what was the outcome?



Part 09 (1.5 minutes):

  • What recommendations do you have for trainers in dealing with a challenging trainee, whether in a classroom or a one-on-one session?



Part 10 (3.5 minutes):

  • Please share your recommendations on managing client relationships where the manager/client changes elements of the agreement in small increments. 



Part 11 (2 minutes):

  • Please share your recommendations on how to manage a situation when it is the client/manager not meeting the deadlines.




Part 12: (2.5 minutes):

  • Please share your insight on how to manage delayed client payments?



 Part 13: (2 minutes):

  • Please share your favourite book for human resources.
  • What recommendations do you have for someone new to human resources?
  • Contact details: HRTransformations.com.



Thank you Tammy.