"In Conversation With..." Tammy Sturge, President, HR Transformations:
Website: HRTransformations

Tammy has been so generous in sharing her insight and sage advice about her career in the human resources industry.  Be certain to take in all of Tammy's conversation!

Viewing Options: We are presenting the conversation in two ways. 

  1. The first option is the entire conversation split midway, with each half approximately 20 minutes in length (noted as 1st Section and 2nd Section).  (See "Our Guests" for these longer versions.)

  2. The second option presents the conversation broken down into smaller sections, (e.g., Part 01 - the introduction and an overview of her career path).  Tammy's is across two pages, Parts 01 - 06 below and Parts 07 - 13 on the next page.


Tammy Sturge - Parts 01 - 06

Parts 07 - 13: See next page.

(Please note: We had technical challenges during the recording and as such, apologise for the interference in the final versions.  Thank you for your understanding.)


Part 01 (4 minutes):

  • Welcome to "In Conversation With..." Tammy Sturge.
  • How did you come to work in Human Resources?
  • What are some highlights of some of the projects that you have worked on?
  • Please share with us a bit about HR Transformations. 



Part 02 (5 minutes):

  • Please share a lesson learnt about yourself & adding value to projects.
  • Please share a story of human resources excellence.



Part 03 (1.5 minutes):

  • Please share your best icebreaker.



Part 04 (2 minutes):

  • Can you share a 'tried & true' training technique that you've used over the years?



Part 05 (3 minutes):

  • What 'new' form of technology have you used or seen used?



Part 06 (3 minutes):

  • What trends do you see happening in training?
  • What trends do you see happening in human resources?
  • Please share your thoughts on why there is an increase in focus on change management.


Parts 07 - 13: See next page.