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Our Pre-Seasons Specials:

Special Services; Special Pricing!

We have a long-standing love affair with the travel industry, fostered by travelling parents and extended family.  We've been so fortunate to have lived, worked, travelled and absorb the great cultures from the Caribbean to Europe and Russia; to Australia and New Zealand; and back to North America (with so many more to embrace)!  As such, we are offering numerous 'Pre-Season Specials' to continue to assist during these challenging and interesting times. 

Whether you are here in the Toronto area, wishing to assess your current service excellence in advance of the busy summer or holiday seasons; or you are in the Caribbean, catering to the colder northern climates with your sunny skies and warm island hospitality; we'd love to be there for you wherever our talents and services can be of great assistance to you. 

We specialise in helping good hospitality be better!

Each of the links below lead or through "Navigation" on the right to a separate page that features our current specials.  We've done short one-day assignments through to special on-property, multi-month projects.

If you wish to discuss and learn more about any of them, or wonder about other possibilities, please call or email us; we've love to learn about what your needs are and explore possibilities.

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The Details & Programme Options:

Whether it's a full week's analysis of your property, or a mini-break holiday shorter version, we will assess and provide you with beneficial feedback that you can use to improve your service excellence. 

We will dedicate 1-2 persons to the assignment and assess the following areas by being 'typical guests' and experiencing as many guest actives and interactions as possible.  We view, review, experience the following, then provide you with useable feeback to make your property even better:

  • Your social media presence and activities.
  • Your pre-arrival sales, marketing and guest service (E.g., your website, reservations, etc.).
  • On property departments and services (e.g., F&B, Front Desk, Concierge, Spa, Housekeeping, Engineering, etc.)