1. Four Seasons Alumni Buzz - June 2011:

I had the honour of being interviewed for the Four Seasons Alumni Buzz June edition. 

Four Seasons, The Four Seasons Resort, Nevis and Nevisians have such a huge place in my heart.

Thank you for this privilage.




2. Four Seasons Resort, Nevis - Re-Opening - November 2010:

In November 2010, as Island Training Unlimited, I had the pleasure of assisting the Four Seasons Resort, Nevis with some of their Re-Opening Management training, preparing them for their re-opening on 15 December 2010, after a two-year closure due to Hurricane Omar.

As I had been Director of Training for the original Pre-Opening Team in 1990-1991, it was surreal going back twenty-years later; truly remarkable and moving.

The following of some 'home-movie' photographs of my time brief two-weeks with them (note that the pictures are rather dark with it still being hurricane season and Tomas in the Region, as well as it being my first time using the iPhone 4 for camera and video). 


1. The Re-Opening Grounds of the Four Seasons Resort, Nevis, early November 2010:


2. Some of the great and wonderful people of the Four Seasons Nevis:


3. My personal island tour, conducted by the amazing Yvonne, also a member of the original Pre-Opening Team, 1990-1991 (includes our visits to Golden Rock, The Hermitage, Montpelier and Nesbit Plantation):


Thank you to Andrew Humphries, Richard Raab, Samuel Caines and Ellen Dubois du Bellay for this wonderful assignment and thanks to Sam's entire Human Resources Team, Ellen and Chetna's entire Learning and Development Team and especially, Melissa Sims, Learning Manager, Four Seasons New York, for none of this would have worked without you all! 

My heartfelt gratitude in working with your wonderful teams, both inside the classroom and beyond!


Mount Nevis Hotel:

I have also added a quick video of the Mount Nevis Hotel.  As the Four Seasons was ramping up to Re-Opening, the Mount Nevis Hotel graciously hosted many of the team and suppliers who there to get the Four Seasons back in working order. 

Mrs. & Dr. Meguid, Mr. Rissotto and their team took such amazing and wonderful care of me during my stay.  Their very personalised, attentive and wonderful Nevisian hospitality and service meant that I could focus on delivering my services to the Four Seasons! 

Thank you for being there for me, again.  As part of the original Pre-Opening Team, we stayed at the Mount Nevis Hotel those 20 years ago!  Dr. Meguid floored me when he remembered my name; that I was from Canada; that I worked in training; and even what building I was in - all from his amazing memory!



To both Four Seasons Resort and Mount Nevis Hotel, thank you for such a wonderful Nevisian adventure.

December 2010