Ellen Dubois du Bellay - Parts 06 - 10

Parts 06 - 10: See previous page.


Part 06 (3 minutes):

  • How do you see today's generations working together?


Part 07: (4 minutes):

  • Change and managing change: Both great and challenging!
  • What do you do to continue being a leader in a company that leads?



Part 08: (2 minutes):

  • Looking into the future, what would you want Mr. Isadore Sharp to say is the biggest or best contribution that you have made?
  • What do you want to Four Seasons or do within the next ten - twenty years?



Part 09: (4 minutes):

  • What have you been a part of over the past twenty-years that you have tremendous gratitude in your heart for?
  • What is something fun about Four Seasons?


Part 10: (6 minutes):

  • How is Mr. Sharp's book, "Four Seasons, The Story of a Business Philosophy" used and shared within the company?
  • Please recommend another great book for training or change management.
  • What is your recommendation that you would offer to someone new to hospitality or training?
  • What is your recommendation for what they learn about themselves?
  • What do you recommend that they learn about brining out the best in others?
  • Do you have any additional thoughts or insights to share with us today?
  • Thank you Ellen!


Ellen's Recommended Books (with links to Indigo.ca):