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Ellen was a wonderful and generous Guest, then Vice President, Global Initiatives, and now, SVP, Executive Office Operations and SVP, Learning & Talent Management.

Be certain to take in all of Ellen's conversation as we spoke to her about her career, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Learning and Development as well as about her then new role as Vice President, Global Initiatives!

Viewing Options: We are presenting the conversation in two ways. 

  1. The first option is the entire conversation split into parts, with the Sections approximately 20 - 30 minutes in length.  (See "Our Guests" for these longer versions.)

  2. The second option presents the conversation broken down into smaller sections, (e.g., Part 01 - offering an overview of her career path).  Ellen's is across two pages, Parts 01 - 05 below and Parts 06 - 10 on the next page.

Ellen Dubois du Bellay - Parts 01 - 05

Parts 06 - 10: See next page.


Part 01: (12 minutes):

  • Welcome to "In Conversation With..." Ellen Dubois du Bellay.
  • Why Hospitality and why Learning and Development?
  • Career overview (her path includes: Australia, America, back to Australia, Canada).
  • Vice President, Global Initiatives - please share a bit about this exciting role.
  • Please describe a "Day in the life of Ellen".



  Part 02: (6 minutes):

  • Agenda: Sharing insights; focusing on learning and development; careers and future; recommendations.
  • With 83 hotels in 35 countries presently, what has been the most rewarding in marrying two different cultures?
  • What has been a challenge that you were faced with in bringing two cultures together; what did you do; and what was the outcome?
  • How do you take the Four Seasons Service Culture and make it live and breath each day in everyone?



Part 03: (6.5 minutes):

  • How do you take such great care of the same guest whether she or he is in North America or India, Asia or Australia, with such a wide range of labour and operating costs?
  • Can you enlighten us on how the economic challenges of 2008 are playing out today in your learning departments?
  • Can you share some creative approaches that you took during this time?


Part 04: (7 minutes):

  • Please share your thoughts on Return on Investment for Learning and Development.
  • Many trainers use icebreakers to start sessions.  What do you like to do?
  • What is your best 'tried and true' training technique, which may or may not include technology?



Part 05: (5 minutes):

  • What do you see as critical for holding both Learning and Development and Management accountable for what the company stands for?
  • Please share with us how you combine delivering Four Seasons' standards with employees own personalities and words.