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What was "In Conversation With..."?

The purpose of "In Conversation With..." was to bring to the world, via the web, people who exemplify service excellence, discussing with them the role that training and a learning culture play in delivering that excellence in the tourism, human resources and training industries.

It was from the perspective of someone, whether just starting out in their career or is a seasoned professional, thinking "Wow, I'd love to hear what xyz has to say about abc...".

This initiative lead to other activities, specifically to "Black Sand Digital" where we create eBooks/iBooks for iTunes Bookstores worldwide, which allows us to include video, etc., in very creative ways to be shared via the millions of iPads and Macs available throughout the world.

We have chosen to share these videos from back in 2010 as we've had so many enjoy them and the speakers' words are priceless and timelss.  Here these industry leaders share their insights, offering their perspectives and suggestions.



Film Quality & Length Options:

The sessions were recorded via Skype (TM), trading in television-production film quality for tremendous ease for and access to our interviewing guests, allowing us to record them wherever their work and travels may be taking.


Small Screen or Full Screen Viewing:

We have used Vimeo (TM) and its great tools to convert our QuickTime (TM) movies for your viewing pleasure. 

You have the option of viewing in a small screen by pressing the Play arrow on the bottom left-hand side, or expanding to full screen with the Full Screen symbol on the right-hand side of the play bar at the bottom of each video.

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