We have Two Areas of Excellence that we specialise in and excel at:

Foundation Building (see previous page):

  1. Mystery Shopping Programme (and special Caribbean Media-partnering programme).
  2. Training Needs Analysis.
  3. Training Business Plan.
  4. Train The Trainer.
  5. Guest Service.

Special Projects:

  1. Hospitality and Caribbean Industry Advisors.
  2. Special Projects.


Special Projects:


1. Hospitality and Caribbean Industry Advisors:

Ensuring that your projects, initiatives, and programmes stay focused on the guest/visitor and/or the Region and its unique and wonderful requirements.

We have a fantastic network of colleagues and advisors, providing a great body of resources, from an award winning writer to operational experts and industry executives.


Our experience in the Region includes postings and assignments on Nevis and Barbados, as well as a Western Caribbean Cruise mystery shop assignment.

Over the past decade, Barbados activities through Island Training Unlimited have included technology assessments, mystery shopping, training design and delivery, special projects, all which has provided us with the greatest number of restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts on our list of clients.


We also have a special Caribbean service offering a  media-partnering relationship mystery shopping, that in addition to assessing your services’ impact on your guests and your property, it provides a third view on how they impact your company’s marketing image.


2. Special Projects:

Yes, we can design training programmes, and yes, we can deliver training programmes. With so many training companies who can do that, and also do it well, we wanted to carve a niche market to bring to you a few really great areas that we excel in for your sake and ours.

Our flexibility will mean that we can do the groundwork and hand over the research for you to continue with, or we can complete projects from start to finish for you, depending upon your time and needs.

In addition, we have worked on location for weeks and months at a time, as well as conducted projects from our base, using technology to work with you virtually.


The following are a few of the areas that we've worked in:


  • Strategic Business Plans: Assisting General Managers with the business plans, being part editor, part sounding board;


  • Best Practices: Facilitating sessions with your team to draw out from them their great ideas on how to make your operation better for your guests and your operation;


  • Benchmarking Studies: Gathering intelligences on what the best practises are in the industry
    (e.g., You are about to undertake a guest service initiative and wonder, 'Where do we begin, What's being done by the best?), as well as conducting departmental-property-corporate wide surveys;


  • Additional Resource - Vendor Selection: Doing the groundwork to find the best vendors for upcoming Request For Proposal consideration.