We have Two Areas of Excellence that we specialise in and excel at:

Foundation Building: 

  1. Mystery Shopping Programme (and special Caribbean Media-partnering programme).
  2. Learning/Training Needs Analysis.
  3. Learning/Training Business Plan.
  4. Train The Trainer.
  5. Guest Service.

Special Projects (see next page):

  1. Hospitality and Caribbean Industry Advisors.
  2. Special Projects.


Foundation Building: 

 1. Mystery Shopping Programme:

Two Hospitality Training/Island Training personnel (including the owner) observe, test, and analyse both operational and training needs of property, posing as guests, using all services and facilities for a one-week period of observation, followed by two weeks of analysis, recommended action plans and report presentations, which consist of two parts and reports.

  • Part 1: “Overview & Analysis”, which is presented to your Executive Committee upon completion of the first week, presented on day ten.

    (Observation: One week in length.)
  • Part 2: We present a detailed document to you with our “Areas of Excellence” and our recommended “Opportunities for Improvement”, which includes specific examples from the week’s activities and analysis, outlining both operational and training needs, and recommendations on how to meet these needs.

    (Action Plans and Recommendations: Two weeks in length.)
    (Project total: Three weeks.)


Please Note: We also have a special Caribbean service offering a  media-partnering relationship mystery shopping, that in addition to assessing your services’ impact on your guests and your property, it provides a third view on how they impact your company’s marketing image.


2. Learning/Training Needs Analysis: 

Investigating, analysing and recommending actions to improve your operation from a training perspective.   Recommended approach is to commence Training Needs Analysis upon completion of Mystery Shopping, thereby incorporating first-hand guest expereinces and analyses.


  • Step 1: Create and conduct employee and management questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, etc., for sample audience to assess your “Training Gap”.  


  • Step 2: Conduct facilitation sessions to uncover team’s ideas and recommendations for a “Guest Service Transformation”. Combine outcome with industry best practices.


  • Step 3: Collect and analyse the existing property and corporate guest feedback (e.g., Guest Letters, Comment Cards, Corporate Guest Surveys, etc.). Collate into results from above activities.


  • Step 4: Combine all of the above, along with vision and goals of Owners, Corporate Office and the property's General Manager/Managing Director, to create your customised Training Needs Analysis, which indicates critical areas of need and opportunity for improvement, with priorities and action plans.

    (Project Total: Six weeks.)

3. Learning/Training Business Plan:

Create training plan that provides training solutions based upon priorities established in Training Needs Analysis and Mystery Shopping Programme.

  • Recommendations include using existing in-house or company programmes whenever possible; and/or purchasing “Off-the-shelf”; or customised programmes; etc.
  • Recommendations beyond training solutions could include: Rewards & Recognition programmes; Coaching Systems; Measurement Systems; etc.

    (Project Total: Four weeks.)

4. Train The Trainer Programme:


We recommend that the first training programme of the Training Business Plan be our Train The Trainer for all Supervisors and Management personnel, including your Executive Team and General Manager/Managing Director.


The programme will provide both trainers and those responsible for training within their department with a solid foundation in adult learning principles. We recommend launching the Training Business Plan with this activity to give your entire management team the same foundation to move forward in your quest for excellence.


  • Three-day programme of 8-10 people maximum has attendees delivering three training sessions. Topics and activities include the fundamentals and differences in “Skills Training”, “Knowledge Training” and “Critiques”.


  • Additional supporting topics: “Audio Visual Aids”; “Questioning Techniques”; “Eliminating Negativity”;  all designed to expand your training abilities.

    (One week per three-day session, plus one week to customise our programme to your company.)


5. Guest Service:

We've been very fortunate to be a part of the design and development of the guest service world since the 1980s, when starting in the business, through to creating strategic plans to ensure that the guest and the employee are at the centre of all activities and initiatives. 

We've assisted with MBA assignments through to delivering guest service training in all kinds of environments: from fast food and 1800 room hotels to luxury spas and resorts; from camping grounds to combining five-star worlds and those without running water; from Toronto and New York through to the Caribbean and Russia.